5 Questions

What is my identity?
I am someone who is motivated by achievements and things can create success. I am someone who is able to work to the best of my ability. I am a person that is able to adapt to my surroundings and someone who is very social with people in and outside of my class. I am someone who is out going; I like to travel a lot to increase my knowledge about places I haven’t yet visited. I like to read newspapers and watch historic documentaries on things such as war, political struggles and music. I enjoy music a lot as it a big hobby of mine.

What is my purpose?
My purpose in life is too hopefully to make something out life, whether it be either in the media industry of a job or hobby that I enjoy and something that is prosperous to my well-being.

What have I learnt?
Over the entirety of the media course I have learnt things such using of software’s such as final cut pro, adobe premiere pro, adobe photo shop, adobe InDesign and adobe audition. With these software’s I have been able to create projects to help me achieve certain grades needed to continue on this course. Photoshop has given me the opportunity to edit my own images and play around with the editing software for my own purposes.

What can I do?
I am able to play American football, which is a very rough and physical sports which a majority of people enjoy. I have also self-taught myself how to play musical instrumentals such as the guitar, the drums and piano. I can also skateboard; sometimes I go to skate parks or areas that smooth so that I am able to skate without the ground intervening.

What I want to achieve
In life I want to become somewhat of a public figure, someone who is to population for achieving something good in life whether it be in either fashion, music, media or any type of art form or even job that I have or do in life.


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