Analysis –

I had taken a look a documentary that had focused on the way Freemason practice their way of life or “religion”. The editing in this documentary is very time and is paced very slowly. I believe that has been used to give the audience full time look and analyse what is going when there is archive footage or images being shown on the screen. I also looked at the way in which the documentary uses the element of having voice overs. The way in which the voice overs are used, are that they are played while there is a montage of footage that is played and the voice over is used to keep them interested and also illustrate what is going. Because of the seriousness of the documentary, i believe that there is a longer cutting time. I believe this is done to let the audience look at all the things that are being shown on the screen at any given time. Also, the tone of voice which the presenter has, also shows the seriousness of the documentary, as he is speaking with a very formal tone of voice, because of the subject that is being spoken. There is also use of interviews from some of the Mason, which give their own experiences about how they live their lives. The music that is used, is good for the type of documentary, as it is very suspenseful and it complements the topic being talked about.


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