Camera Research –

I had done some research on few pieces of equipment that I will need to focus when I will be filming my documentary. The things that I had focused on were, the  SD card,  the modes on the camera ( manual/automatic) and the tripod, which could help me prevent my camera from shaking whilst filming.

A manual mode camera is camera that gives you control over the camera’s different and a number of various settings. A camera which uses manual mode is a SLR, which stands for Single Lens Reflex. This is an example of SLR camera, very simple but has many functions to it and manual mode is one of them. The button which give you option to change the mode of the camera is known as a dial.

A memory card is a small chip that contains space or storage, for which images or videos can placed on. For example, when you take a picture on a camera it tends to save on a SD/memory card and you are go use to view later on, on thing such as laptops or computers and the camera itself.

Handheld cameras also result in images or videos that are shakier than images or video footage of cameras that are mounted on a tripod. Whereas a tripod is used hold and keep the camera still in the allocated position it is placed in. It is also used to stabilize a flash unit or any other photographic unit. Tripods have three legs and we know this from the word tri, which means three.





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