Risk Assessment –

Both Locations : Brick Lane/ Interviewee’s Garden

Bad weather  –

To reduce the chances of having to film whilst there is bad weather on my shooting date from my call sheet, is to check the weather day prior to my filming so that I am certain that the weather will not interrupt my filming. This will affect the camera as it will make it hard to look through the lens.

Audiences –

In the area of Brick Lane, there tends to loads and load of audiences that tend to build from peoples busking of performing. It will be hard to reduce this, as there is no way of making crowds disperse just so I can film. To try and help my filming while there are crowds, I will need to find an area or space that is away from the crowd but, still lets me film without any problems.

Smoking On Set –

This will affect me personally, as the smoke will come within my vicinity and will me cough and will not make focus on the task at hand. It will also make the footage from the camera seems as if it is being blurred by the smoke. To reduce this I will need to find spaces or areas that are away from smokers areas. This would be places that prohibit smoking.

Noise –

To reduce noise while I am filming I will  need to find areas that are possibly quiet or I will have to edit the sound to reduce the noise on premier pro. The area is full live bands that echo around the area.






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