Sound –

I had also done some research on sound and places that I am able to record in to receive a decent piece of sound.

The acoustics in sound, are things which help absorb reflective sounds. Reverb is a collection of reflective sounds. Reverb sounds are created when a sound source stops, but the sound waves continues to travel, until the waves lose its energy and dies out. This is linked to how acoustics help prevent the spreading of sound and this is done by using rooms or areas that cover in soft materials. Soft materials such carpet or foam are good for recording and stopping sound waves travelling around the room because they have a low frequency. This means that the sound gathers up in the corner of a room and loses energy. But hard materials, are the thing which cause reverb, because they allow the sound waves to continues travelling because they have a high frequency and this means they bounce of the walls and cause pinging or echoing sound when a source of sound is produced.


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