Treatment –

  • Classification / genre – The genre of my documentary is informative/ observational/ interview
  • Duration – the duration of the documentary is 5 minutes and 42 seconds long
  • Summary of programme idea including content, narrative, location(s) and what makes it different – It is a 5:42 long, short documentary on the area of brick lane. It doesn’t have a narrative to it; it instead goes in a certain order going from one subject to another; the area as a whole , street art, street performers, fashion and interviews. The locations that were used were brick lane and the interviewee’s garden. What makes it different is the way in which it is filmed as it is mostly done using a handheld camera to reflect on the freeness and creative side of brick lane. It is different because, it has use of interviews that do not show the interviewee’s faces, you can only hear their voices.
  • Audience – My audience for this product are people that look deep to find rare and authentic items, people who are looking to find things like clothing and house hold items for a cheaper price. There is no specific gender, which makes my target audience bigger.
  • Similar / comparable programme examples
  • Price / budget – There was no official budget for my project as I did not need any money spent on making my final project.
  • Equipment – The equipment I need to use for this project was a camera to film my project, a tripod to help make the footage better and not make it seem shaky and a microphone for my vocal recorded interviews.
  • Actors and production team required – N/A
  • Any ethical issues – N/A

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