Noisey Analysis –


The format of this is that, it is a YouTube series because there are a continuous amounts of episodes on different people, who are famous for music or who are just famous. Because it is a YouTube series, it has two seasons consisting of 13 videos in total. The purpose of the Noisey documentary on Vince Staples, is too inform people what Vince Staples or the person they are filming does on daily basis, how they make they make their money and who they are. The platform that this is broadcasted on is YouTube and it also available to view or watch on the Noisey website. These continuous documentary on YouTube are targeted for people who are music listeners and are interested in music. Also, it may just be for people who like the person that is being film and interviewed.

The key techniques that are being used in this documentary are observation and interviews. An example of this, is that in one scene they will show the person being filmed doing a live performance then, it will cut to where the person is talking and then back to the performance. They use this filming technique to help illustrate how his performances are and how the atmosphere. The cutting rate in between the change of scene is slow, so that it creates a parallel narrative showing by showing things he is doing while, he is talking about it.


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