Treatment –

  • Classification / genre – The genre of my documentary is informative/ observational/ interview
  • Duration – the duration of the documentary is 5 minutes and 42 seconds long
  • Summary of programme idea including content, narrative, location(s) and what makes it different – It is a 5:42 long, short documentary on the area of brick lane. It doesn’t have a narrative to it; it instead goes in a certain order going from one subject to another; the area as a whole , street art, street performers, fashion and interviews. The locations that were used were brick lane and the interviewee’s garden. What makes it different is the way in which it is filmed as it is mostly done using a handheld camera to reflect on the freeness and creative side of brick lane. It is different because, it has use of interviews that do not show the interviewee’s faces, you can only hear their voices.
  • Audience – My audience for this product are people that look deep to find rare and authentic items, people who are looking to find things like clothing and house hold items for a cheaper price. There is no specific gender, which makes my target audience bigger.
  • Similar / comparable programme examples
  • Price / budget – There was no official budget for my project as I did not need any money spent on making my final project.
  • Equipment – The equipment I need to use for this project was a camera to film my project, a tripod to help make the footage better and not make it seem shaky and a microphone for my vocal recorded interviews.
  • Actors and production team required – N/A
  • Any ethical issues – N/A


Risk Assessment –

Both Locations : Brick Lane/ Interviewee’s Garden

Bad weather  –

To reduce the chances of having to film whilst there is bad weather on my shooting date from my call sheet, is to check the weather day prior to my filming so that I am certain that the weather will not interrupt my filming. This will affect the camera as it will make it hard to look through the lens.

Audiences –

In the area of Brick Lane, there tends to loads and load of audiences that tend to build from peoples busking of performing. It will be hard to reduce this, as there is no way of making crowds disperse just so I can film. To try and help my filming while there are crowds, I will need to find an area or space that is away from the crowd but, still lets me film without any problems.

Smoking On Set –

This will affect me personally, as the smoke will come within my vicinity and will me cough and will not make focus on the task at hand. It will also make the footage from the camera seems as if it is being blurred by the smoke. To reduce this I will need to find spaces or areas that are away from smokers areas. This would be places that prohibit smoking.

Noise –

To reduce noise while I am filming I will  need to find areas that are possibly quiet or I will have to edit the sound to reduce the noise on premier pro. The area is full live bands that echo around the area.





Purpose of Sound


What is the purpose of sound in a moving image product?

  • To create a mood – e.g. sad/slow music – sympathy
  • Happy – uplifting music
  • Sound fx used in actions – car crash, sound is added In editing using foley
  • Silence causes tension and causes suspense
  • Speaking – story telling or narration 3rd person dialogue – talking in a natural environment watching their story
  • Voice over – 2nd person dialogue
  • 1st person dialogue, directly addressing us

Script –

Twenty five second – opening showing montage of footage from


The Bricks… Or Brick Lane as many of you may know it as. It’s known for its vibrant colours and culture. Its great street performers, street, Asian but mostly Bengali restaurants and , vintage stores, the selling of very rare and ancient items that date back to as early as the 1900’s. Like these Polaroid and Folding autographic brownie cameras, that date back to the 70s and the 1900s.


Street Art:

There is plenty of street to see in area of brick lane; the art is done by a various number of artist, who come from all over the world to pave the walls of brick lane with their fantastic creations. One of the artist is known as “DALEGRIMSHAW” – Dale Grimshaw, he is known for his symbolic paintings, that unusually have a meaning behind them, usually political meaning. It is also full of posters made be some known and anonymous people. They mostly have political meaning. Like for instance this Nike poster talks about the use of child slaves and how children are exploited in third world countries.


Public performers:

Brick Lane also many talents of street performers who would play there music or demonstration their own talents. For many this is their way to get around life, using their talents to make by busking. Some of the type of talent we see in the area in and around brick lane, tends to be things such beat boxing, live bands or just people playing instruments like guitars or drums or both.

Each of these artist or street performers would have bystanders record them and these videos would be uploaded to internet and could increase their chances of fame. Lewis Floyd Henry has been doing this for a long time. I had looked at some youtube videos which show his performances and they date back to  six years ago.


To me the thing which makes brick lane, brick lane is the vintage stores. These are the pillars of brick lane and I would say that it is probably the main reason why most people are attracted to the area; they are there to look for clothes that tend to be exclusive and sold for cheaper and better prices than in its original shop. The fashion and clothing tend to show the diversity of area and removes any sort of label that people give brick lane.

Before Interview Starts:

We had sat down and interviewed a student, who goes to a college that is quiet close to the area of brick lane. We had asked him a couple questions and told him to give his complete honest opinion.

Problem –

I had completed all my filming, but because some of my filming and the panning shots that I had done in my documentary were a bit shaky, I had to go back over the weekend and re shoot them so that there were no shaky scenes or camera angles in my documentary.


I done some research on what representation is and how the media use it in things such as films, documentaries and television shows. I aimed to try and use some of the points, such as the stereotypes because, I  wanted people to question whether it was right or wrong or for them to give their opinion about the product.

The way in which media portrays a particular group of people, communities and issues .

  • Status
  • To show something to its audience
  • Speak on someone’s behalf
  • Iconic symbols
  • To portray something
  • Stereotypes

Sound –

I had also done some research on sound and places that I am able to record in to receive a decent piece of sound.

The acoustics in sound, are things which help absorb reflective sounds. Reverb is a collection of reflective sounds. Reverb sounds are created when a sound source stops, but the sound waves continues to travel, until the waves lose its energy and dies out. This is linked to how acoustics help prevent the spreading of sound and this is done by using rooms or areas that cover in soft materials. Soft materials such carpet or foam are good for recording and stopping sound waves travelling around the room because they have a low frequency. This means that the sound gathers up in the corner of a room and loses energy. But hard materials, are the thing which cause reverb, because they allow the sound waves to continues travelling because they have a high frequency and this means they bounce of the walls and cause pinging or echoing sound when a source of sound is produced.

Camera Research –

I had done some research on few pieces of equipment that I will need to focus when I will be filming my documentary. The things that I had focused on were, the  SD card,  the modes on the camera ( manual/automatic) and the tripod, which could help me prevent my camera from shaking whilst filming.

A manual mode camera is camera that gives you control over the camera’s different and a number of various settings. A camera which uses manual mode is a SLR, which stands for Single Lens Reflex. This is an example of SLR camera, very simple but has many functions to it and manual mode is one of them. The button which give you option to change the mode of the camera is known as a dial.

A memory card is a small chip that contains space or storage, for which images or videos can placed on. For example, when you take a picture on a camera it tends to save on a SD/memory card and you are go use to view later on, on thing such as laptops or computers and the camera itself.

Handheld cameras also result in images or videos that are shakier than images or video footage of cameras that are mounted on a tripod. Whereas a tripod is used hold and keep the camera still in the allocated position it is placed in. It is also used to stabilize a flash unit or any other photographic unit. Tripods have three legs and we know this from the word tri, which means three.




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